Welcome to Consultech HR Advisors and Preferred IC Consultants, LLC!

Over the last 25 years Consultech/ Preferred IC Consultants has represented hundreds of companies before various government agencies including both federal and state agencies throughout the Country on audits, and on all sorts of claim inquiries involving wage/hour, discrimination, unemployment, IRS SS-8, and worker compensation that involve the use of Independent Contractors.

We have a high success rate in settling many existing problems and regulatory issues associated with the use and classification of Independent Contractors. We take a pro-active approach by communicating directly with all government agencies actively involved in various claims, including the IRS and the US Department of Labor when handling and settling disputes for all of our clients.

We help educate you and your business on the proper use and defense of the independent contractor business model.  So if you use independent contractors in your business and need to defend your legal rights before a Hearing Tribunal or if you are looking to take a pro-active approach in order to help mitigate future risk of liability and exposure, then we can help!

Please tour our website and learn how Consultech/ Preferred IC Consultants can guide you through the process and save you time and money!




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