Courier & Delivery (Final Mile)

At Consultech, we work with businesses in a variety of industries. The Courier and Delivery Industry focuses on the “last mile,” which refers to the final leg of transportation for the delivery of goods and people to their final destination. Many businesses in this industry use ICs to ease some of the difficulties of the final mile. We help these businesses develop successful working relationships that are legally compliant. Our services have proven essential in protecting many courier and delivery companies against claims and inquiries. If your business is in this industry, we can help you be prepared to preclude or respond to these kinds of issues.

Pro-Active Services

Our Pro-Active Services focus on those practices that minimize your risk of receiving claims or inquiries.

  • Reviewing the Contracts and Bidding Process for your business
  • Conducting Interviews with Your Independent Contractors and Staff to learn how they interpret the nature of your IC business relationships
  • Analyzing and Reviewing the Realities of Your Relationship based on day-to-day interactions with your ICs
  • Reviewing Websites for “trigger” words
  • Making Recommendations for Insurance Plans, such as worker’s compensation, liability contingency, occupational accident insurance, etc.
  • Checking Your Business Operations for Legal Compliance with State DOL and IRS Standards/Case Law
  • Making Any Other Recommendations as needed for your business to maintain optimal compliance

Re-Active Services

Our Re-Active Services focus on those practices that will help you to best respond, deal with, and handle circumstances that are outside of your control. Our experts at Consultech can legally represent you and manage all claims, inquiries, and audits for you to achieve the most desirable outcome.

  • Answering Inquiries from any federal or state agencies
  • Documenting, Interviewing, and Assessing Every Case with comprehensive and extensive research
  • Preparing You For and Attending Administrative Hearings and/or Small Claims Court
  • Writing Appeal Briefs for Your Business in defense of your company’s IC business model
  • Writing Appeals or Rebuttals against opposing attorneys or federal or state agencies
  • Preparing Witnesses, Position Statements, and Documentations for hearings, testimonies, etc.

The services provided by our IC consultants at Consultech offer 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and networks that can help you handle any situation. Some of our networks include the New York State Department of Labor, New York State Messenger and Courier Association, Express Carriers Association, Customized Logistics and Delivery Association, Florida Messenger Association, Texas Courier & Logistics Association, third party contractors and attorneys specializing in the IC business model, and more. If you would like to learn more details about our services, visit our general services page or contact us now.

Our Consultech specialists are well-versed and well-experienced in assisting courier and delivery companies with IC compliance. Our unprecedented experience and knowledge combined with our affordable rates can put your business in the best situation to protect itself now and in the future. To take advantage of our expertise, contact us using the information below.