Consultech HR Advisers

Pro-Active Services:

  • Preparing Newsletters to Subscribe.
  • Review and Editing Documents Used in Connection with IC Engagements.
  • Operational Audit Reports Following On-site Visits.

Re-Active Services:

  • Responding to Initial Government Inquiries.
  • Preparing Position Statements.
  • Preparing Witness Statements for Testimony.
  • Submitting Documents Prior to Hearings.
  • Preparing Legal Rebuttal Arguments on Administrative Appeals.

Pro-Active Service Details

Be well prepared in advance. Our proactive services help companies that utilize Independent Contractors remain in compliance and current with all government and regulatory agencies. We prepare you well in advance, especially when dealing with; and responding to any and all government inquiries.

We keep you and your company in a state of compliance by providing up-to-date best practices designed to fit your business model, and with our regional educational seminar-audits– you are in the best possible position.

Re-Active Service Details

Sometimes circumstances have progressed beyond your control. It is not uncommon for unsettled claims and disputes to have progressed beyond the initial inquiry or claim level. Now more than ever, you need the expertise to help resolve these issues prior to them getting out of control.

At Consultech we specialize in responding to all government inquiries and claims well before that reach the civil court system. Thus, with power of attorney, we are authorized to represent your company through the various levels of the administrative adjudication process.

We provide you with the best possible representation and the expertise needed to resolve claims and disputes as efficiently as possible– and in most cases saving clients both time and money.

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Industry Specific Services:

As licensed insurance brokers we can shop and refer the following insurance programs to the Transportation Industry:

  • Direct access to third-party administrators
  • Corporate Workers Compensation
  • Fleet Drivers Workers Compensation
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Contingent Liability Insurance

All with the same "A" rated carrier & guarantee no audit for drivers under our occupational accident program.

Consultech HR Advisers

HR Services for IC and Employees:

  • Consult on how best to respond to Unemployment Claims.
  • Or we respond on behalf of client via power of attorney filed with state agency
  • Protest adverse determinations in a timely manner.
  • Request Unemployment Insurance Hearings.
  • Prepare best witnesses for Hearings.
  • Attend Unemployment Insurance Hearings if necessary and as permitted by law.
  • Prepare legal briefs in response to adverse Hearing Decisions.
  • Provide periodic report on all Unemployment Claims Activity.
  • Determine ways to reduce Unemployment Insurance Tax rates, i.e. voluntary contributions and Joint Accounts as permitted by various state jurisdictions.

Representation/Assistance on Audits

  • Federal or state Employment or Unemployment Tax Audits & Assessments.
  • Federal & State Wage & Hour Audits & Assessments.
  • Provide mediation and preparing Stipulation Agreements for settlements.
  • Representation on Appeals through the adjudication administrative process.

Human Rights/EEOC Discrimination & Harassment Claims:

  • Act as your authorized legal representative.
  • Investigate allegations to claims.
  • Provide responses to all claims.
  • Act as your authorized legal representatives for Hearings.
  • Conduct training webinars.