Limousine & Couch

The limousine and coach industry is one of the top five industries that we work with at Consultech. Companies within this industry often contract their drivers, chauffeurs, bus drivers, etc. Because of the complexities of dealing with independent contractors, Consultech helps companies within this industry navigate the legalities of working with ICs. Our goal is to help you preclude costly claims and inquiries, to respond appropriately to preexisting issues, and to help you manage your IC relationships in the best way possible while maintaining complete compliance with state and federal laws. Our services listed below are entirely catered to the limousine and coach industry due to our experience and relationships within this industry.

Pro-Active Services

Our Pro-Active Services are each designed to put your company in the best possible situation to prevent, avoid, and minimize your risk of government or regulatory inquiries and claims.

  • Assessing the Nature of Your Relationship with Your ICs based on how you interact with them on a regular basis
  • Reviewing Your Contracts with your ICs
  • Reviewing Your Bidding Process
  • Analyzing Your Websites for any potential trigger words
  • Interviewing Your Staff and ICs to obtain detailed information regarding their perspective on your business relationship
  • Comparing Your Business Operations with Your State DOL, IRS Standards and Case Law
  • Recommending Insurance Plans for Your ICs as appropriate, including occupational accident insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, contingent liability insurance, etc.
  • Offering Additional Recommendations based on the above assessments

Re-Active Services

Our Re-Active Services are each designed to help your company respond in the best possible way to any claims, inquiries, audits, or other related challenges. Consultech can legally represent your company and manage these concerns for you to help you come to the most desirable outcome.

  • Responding to Any Inquiries from state and federal agencies
  • Researching Every Case by reviewing all documentation, conducting interviews, comparing behavior with law, etc.
  • Preparing for and Attending Small Claims Court or Administrative Hearings
  • Preparing Witnesses, Documentations, and Position Statements for hearings and testimonies
  • Writing Appeals or Rebuttals to defend your company

Consultech Claims has over 30 years of experience assisting companies in all industries. Our combined experience can help your business by providing both pro-active and re-active services as appropriate so that you can have a successful and compliant independent contractor business model. With our many business connections to various trade groups, organizations, associations, third party contractors, and attorneys that specialize in the IC business model, we have much to offer businesses in the limousine and coach industry. To learn more about our services, visit our general services page or contact us online.

Our specialists at Consultech have a combination of knowledge, experience, relationships, and proven success that no one else has. We are highly successful with our pro-active services in helping businesses develop compliant business relationships, which can save you the cost of matters escalating beyond your control. Let us help you and your business by contacting us using the information below.