Transportation & Trucking Industry

While our services pertain to every industry, the Transportation and Trucking Industry is our bread and butter. This incredibly competitive industry requires a highly skilled workforce and integrated networks between delivery, freight, maritime, trucking, and more. Consultech offers solutions to ensure that your business model will succeed for your needs and is entirely compliant with IC law. Our goal is to help your business organize itself in the best way possible so as to forestall any claims, inquiries, or audits. With our help, your business in the transportation and trucking industry will be prepared well in advance to prevent or easily respond to any legal claims or regulatory inquiries without major expense or difficulty.

Pro-Active Services

Our Pro-Active Services include all of our services that prepare your company to preempt inquiries or claims. They include our services that help you put in place a compliant IC business model to mitigate your risk so that you are in the best possible position.

  • Preparing Newsletters to subscribe
  • Reviewing and Editing all Documents used in connection with IC engagements
  • Operational Audit Reports following on-site visits
  • Reviewing Contracts and Bidding process
  • Reviewing Day-to-Day Interactions with Contractors to monitor the nature of your business relationship
  • Reviewing your Website(s) for potential “trigger” words for claims or inquiries
  • Interviewing your Staff and Contractors on their view and interpretation of the relationship between the parties
  • Comparing your Business Operations with Laws, specifically with IRS standards/Case Law and the State DOL for each state in which your business operates
  • Recommending Insurance Plans for your workers for occupational accidents, workers’ compensation, contingent liability, or others as applicable or appropriate
  • Making any other Recommendations for your business based on the above

Re-Active Services

Our Re-Active Services include all of our services that are there to assist you if circumstances advance beyond your control. We are prepared to legally represent you and handle the difficulties of navigating audits, inquiries, or claims so that you are in the best possible position to rebut.

  • Responding to Inquiries from state/federal agencies
  • Researching Each Case by reviewing documentation, interviewing staff, and comparing your business operations with state/federal laws
  • Submitting Documents prior to hearings
  • Preparing for and Attending Administrative Hearings/Small Claims Court
  • Preparing Position Statements
  • Preparing Witness Statements for testimony
  • Appealing or Writing Rebuttals to arguments made by federal/state agencies and/or opposing attorneys
  • Writing Appeal Briefs in support of your company’s business model

Insurance Programs for Transportation and Trucking Businesses

As licensed insurance brokers, we can shop and refer the following insurance programs to your business in the Transportation and Trucking Industry:

  • Non-Owned and Hired Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Contingent Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Other lines of insurance commensurate with Transportation Industry

You can view even more details about the services we offer on our general services page. Our services at Consultech pertain to each industry through our collective knowledge, experience, and networks. Our IC consultants collect inside information through our relationships with various trade groups, including the New York State Messenger and Courier Association (NYSMCA), Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA), Express Carriers Association (ECA), Texas Courier & Logistics Association (TCLA), Florida Messenger Association (FMA), and many more. We are also connected to numerous Third Party Contractors and Attorneys that specialize in the IC business model.

Our clients choose to work with Consultech because we have a combined knowledge, experience, relationships, and success that NO OTHER organization or individual has. We keep our rates low because our overhead is low, and we are typically able to prevent matters from rising to Courts, Audits, or other costly affairs. To learn more about how our experts could help your transportation or trucking business, contact us below.